Kennesaw Mountain Flowers
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Live Potted Peace Lilies
6"   $29.99   8"- $45 - $50
10"   $65
Fondest Thoughts
Huge Basket of Green
and Blooming Plants  $150
New Azalea Topiary Tree  
$55 (shown)
(Other Azaleas in assorted
colors $39.95)
Living garden
with an angel  $55
Sweet Thought
for any occasion
Azalea plant paired with a
green plant in a double basket
Angel Plants Mixed Moss
with a blooming plant and
an angel $55
Violet Lovers Garden
5 Blooming African Violets
with a nest and eggs,perfect
for any occasion  $55
Hydrangea Plants
starting at $39.95
Indoor outdoor Double Basket
A Blooming Hydrangea and a green
plant paired in a double basket
with a butterfly $60