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Funeral Flowers and Plants
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Fondest Thoughts
HUGE basket of green and
blooming plants    $150
Peaceful Feeling
White Lilies in a clear vase
(medium shown) $50
(large  $75)
Angel Plants Mixed Basket
with a blooming plant and a
ceramic angel. $55
Heart of Hearts
A heartfelt medium heart on a
stand with fresh flowers and
greenery  $110
Large Plant Basket
with green and blooming  plants
and an azalea   $125
Peaceful Double Basket
A blooming peace lily paired in a double
wicker basket with a rich green
Schefflera or other green plant and a
cross.(other crosses available)   $55
Large Wreath on a stand
of Large Stargazer lilies and red
roses.A banner with your chosen
sentiment is included.
Premium  $165
Deluxe $195
Extra Special Blooming Garden
of Green plants and 2 blooming
plants with curly willow  in a moss
basket  $65
Approximately 27 " tall.
Perfect Thoughts Basket
Mixed flowers and roses
with soft ribbon. $65
Deluxe $85 with extra roses
Premium  $110 extra roses & lilies
Assorted Peace Lilies  
6"  $30
8"  $40-$50      10"   $65
Serenity Basket
Serene and Lovely Basket of
White lilies,alstromeria,and
white Fuji mums $79
Premium/ With Added Roses
Lovely Thoughts Basket
Carnation,Blue delphinium and
white mums in a color sympathy
basket $55
Premium basket with roses $75